11 Time Management Tips Inspired by Dr. Randy Pausch’s Life and Death

Imagine knowing the day you’re going to die.

an hourglass on top of rocks
an hourglass on top of rocks
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About Dr. Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch’s Time Management Tips for Achieving Childhood Dreams

Below is a list of eleven Randy Pausch time management and productivity tips that I gathered from his last lecture:

Go after your childhood dreams.

Go over brick walls to reach your goals.

Time management is hard work.

Dr. Randy Pausch quote
Dr. Randy Pausch quote

Manage Time Better with Collaboration

Humility: Pausch’s Paradigm Shift

Push the Envelope

Have Fun with Time Management

Keep Learning (Look out for “Head Fakes”)


Get an Accountability Partner

Seek Constructive Feedback

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Stay Inspired and Achieve Your Dreams

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